Aurangabad Charter

05/03/2009 at 10:10 टिप्पणी करे

Aurangabad Charter:

  1. The people in general of the district face problems for enrolling the family land, house etc in the name of the beneficiary after the demise of the owner. They have to pay money for transferring these in their name. The court had given order that the transfer process be easy and free of cost. Hence the court order be upheld and the government must ensure its effective implementation.
  2. The primary heath centers in general in the district are not equipped for the delivery of pregnant women. The number of women doctors in negligible. Hence adequate budget be provided to develop these facilities in each PHC and the appointments of the women doctors be implemented effectively in each PHC.
  3. Large scale slum dwellers do not have access to electricity, safe drinking water. They are not provided electric and water meter. Hence the slum rehabilitation act is withdrawn and new schemes be launched so as to ensure they are provided these minimum basic amenities. They be given minimum space to construct their homes and each house is provided with a toilet.
  4. Local unemployed youth is given preference in the recruitment in all the government, non government & private establishments.
  5. The survey of the BPL is done once again. The educated unemployed youth is provided this job of survey.
  6. PDS/ Fair price shops are opened every day. All essential commodities are provided through these shops only. The Women SHG are given the permits to run these shops immediately.
  7. The residential schools and colleges in the district are modernized. The present number of these schools and colleges are not sufficient to cater the needs of the backward sections of the students. Hence their number be increased to atleast one such school and college in every taluka.
  8. Aurangabad is a tourist place. Tourist from all over the world visit Aurangabad. But the over all road and transport system is not developed to the extent to cater the needs of the tourist and over all development of the district. Hence the revenue collection through tourism is spent adequately on the over all development of the district.
  9. The scheme of “Hagan Dari Mukta Village” is implemented effectively in every village. The government is building toilets of providing loans/funds for building of these toilets but the government does not have blue print to supply water so as to keep these toilets clean and hygienic.
  10. In every village “tantamukti samiti’s” are appointed. These Samiti’s are headed by the Jamindars of the villages. Thus an autocratic rule exists in the villages. The common man and specifically the backward sections are not comfortable and do not dare to take up their matters to these samiti’s. Where as the government has made it compulsory to first take the village matters to these samiti’s and if not resolved there, only then the police takes cognizance of the complaints of the villagers. Hence these samiti’s be headed by the government authority only so that it is really made functional and is effectively implemented to take care of law and order situation at the village level.
  11. The industrial development has definitely brought over all economic growth particularly in the Aurangabad town. But simultaneously there is increase in the atrocities on women. Large number of affected women does not find any safe place after such incidences. Hence the number of short stay homes is increased in the district.
  12. Even the facilities of toilets on the roads are inadequate considering the over all population of the big talukas of the district. Hence built sufficient, separate toilets for both women and men along the road side so that the women specially do not suffer from the urinary tract infections as they find it difficult to respond to the natural calls in absence of such facility.



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