Chandrapur Charter

05/03/2009 at 10:11 टिप्पणी करे

Chandrapur Charter:

  1. The Jabran Jot holder is given the land and it is registered in her/his name.
  2. The work under the MREGA should be agro based and help in overall agricultural development of the region.
  3. Transfer the Nistar land to the villagers and it is registered in their name directly.
  4. For the development of most backward taluka of the district that is Korpana and Rajura special scheme is planned and implemented within a stipulated period so as to ensure equal development of the district.
  5. The royalty of 10% against the mining of the minerals/ores is not used for the development of the villages. The contractors also do illegal mining & more than permitted. Hence, Gram Sabha should be given management rights of all the mining operations in the constituency. All those contractors who do illegal mining be arrested and blacklisted.
  6. The naxal menace in the region has created terror & fear in the minds of the common masses in the district. The government must act immediately and take effective steps to curb the naxalism and also ensure full security and safety of the common mass specifically the villager in the remote areas of the district. The naxal menace also creates lots of problem for carrying forward the democratic movement in the region. Hence the government must go to the root cause of naxalism and tackle the same rather than suppressing the same by force and cohersion & there by an atmosphere of terror is created both by the police and the naxals.
  7. The population of the Dhangar community is in large number in Chimur taluka. They are the most illiterate community in the district. For years together they are kept away from the mainstream social development. Hence the government must plan special schemes for their over all development and the an urgent campaign is launched for their overall education, special literacy package is declared and implemented for them and adequate funds are earmarked for the same.
  8. The power generation in Chandrapur is the highest. Electric power is supplied from Chandrapur to the entire state and even to the neighboring states. But the district goes with out power for 9 hours daily. This is grave injustice to the people of the district. Hence the government must ensure that the district is given it’s quota of electricity and must ensure that the power is supplied equally to the region and for 24 hours a day and all the 365 days of the year.
  9. The supply of medicines in the PHCs of the district is negligible and not regular there by creating enormous difficulties and hardships to the common masses. Hence the government must declare & make public as to how much supply of medicines is done to the PHCs and the authorities must also make public the utilization of the medicines supplied to them every month. The supply of medicines is regularized and adequate supply of medicines be ensured.
  10. Huge land acquired by the government for the development of the right canal from the Gosikhurd towards Asola Mendha. But the government did not pay substantial compensation for this land to the people there by leaving large number of farmers in distress. Hence the government must immediately pay compensation to these people at the market rate.



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