Hyderabad Charter

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Hyderabad Charter:
(1) Economic Development

  • Develop traditional and non traditional small and cottage industries on priority basis by creating easy access to capital and provision of marketing facilities so that producers get maximum returns. Modern training facilities should also be provided to upgrade the skills of these producers.
  • Large skill based developmental projects and institutions such as Setwin and JSS and other training institutes run by govt. should be located in the vicinity of the old city.
  • 75 per cent of the revenue generated from heritage and tourism projects in the old city should be earmarked, and used, towards provision of basic civic amenities in the old city. 70 per cent of employment in these projects must be reserved for the young unemployed (male and female) residents in the old city, providing them the necessary training.
  • Administrative units and other offices of the Government, which were shifted out of the old city, must be relocated to the old city. District level offices of the concerned public welfare Departments to be opened and run effectively in old city.
  • Poor people should not be required to give surety from government officials for obtaining loans under schemes of the state and central government. Simplify procedures of granting loans from commercial banking institutions.
  • SC, ST, BC,PH and Minority Corporations of the state government should give loans directly under all their business development and anti poverty schemes.

(2) Housing

  • Irrevocable Pattas (Minimum 100 Sq.Yards) should be issued to the homeless without any condition. Loans at low rates of interest should be extended to them to construct houses on these lands.
  • Irrevocable Pattas with interest free housing loan facility should also be issued to residents of the old city living in the same place since 10 years.
  • Housing Board and HUDCO should allocate and release interest free house construction loans without margin money and , for weaker sections and minorities in the old city.
  • Government must take responsibility of rehabilitation of poor people displaced due to urban development projects in a manner that they do not lose out on their livelihoods.

(3) Civic Amenities

  • 24-hour Urban Health Posts (UHPs) should be built within one kilometer of every basti in every mandal. Every revenue mandal should be provided with a Government Tertiary hospital (with super specialty services) with separate wards for children.
  • All services in government (Ayush) hospitals and UHPs – tests, treatment, medicines, blood bank – should be provided free of cost. All User Charges must be abolished. Apart from women and children for whom the UHPs are meant, men should also be provided access to services at these UHPs.
  • Hospital Development and Monitoring committee consisting of reputed and secular.
  • NGOs should be made to function in a transparent manner and must be made accountable and answerable to people.


  • Safe drinking water supply should be within the specified time – only between 5 am and 10 pm on a daily basis, in all areas, and not at odd, unearthly hours, causing inconvenience mainly to women.

Welfare Programmes

  • Widow, Old Age Pension and Pension for Physically challenged persons must be raised to a minimum of Rs. 1000 (One thousand Rupees only) per month.
  • Disbursement system should be convenient to the recipients.
  • Institutions and Homes for the orphan/street Children and Aged / Elderly and for mentally challenged people must be built in the old city.
  • Beggars and destitute people in the old city must be rehabilitated properly.
  • The government must implement existing schemes and introduce new schemes for the physically challenged people and stipulate funds for them in all urban development projects.


  • Land procurement policy with regard to government school buildings should be liberalized.
  • Government should run English medium schools with mother tongue as first language.
  • All government schools should ensure quality education, required number of teachers with all the basic facilities – good buildings, toilets, drinking water supply, electricity, libraries, science laboratories, computers, etc.
  • School curricula must be modified to include employable livelihood skill training from the 8th Standard.
  • Fill up all vacant teaching posts with qualified teachers, and do away with the contractual system of Vidya Volunteers.
  • Government Junior College must be opened in all of the six mandals as per necessity of the old city.
  • Admission to professional courses must be through single window system and window two for minority students.
  • The school health programme should be implemented in government and private schools.
  • Municipal Corporation of Hyderabad must take the responsibility of running government primary schools.
  • Existing institutes like ITIs and Polytechnics in the old city are in a dire condition. They should be revived and strengthened.
  • Quality of education and fee structure in private schools and colleges should be strictly monitored.
  • Public Utility and Recreation, Spaces
  • Public parks, playgrounds, recreation spaces for children should be set up in every locality, with specific allocation of funds as part of the Hyderabad town planning exercise.
  • Government must stop construction of buildings (such as Police station, electricity offices, and so on, as is done in these parts) on land allotted as public parks and
  • playgrounds.
  • Government land meant for parks and playgrounds are being occupied by land grabbers.
  • The activities of land-grabbers should be curbed immediately.
  • Public toilets (Sulabh) should be maintained under the control of Municipal Corporation with minimum user charges.
  • There must be adequate space viz; footpaths for pedestrians and well developed parking slots and spaces, in public grounds and markets in the old city.
  • Increase RTC bus services to cover all the areas in the six mandals of the old city, and provide new links between the old city and other parts of Hyderabad.


  • Voltage fluctuation – a frequent occurrence in the old city, damaging household  appliances – must be corrected and transformers should be well maintained.
  • Procedures for new electricity connections must be simplified.
  • Minimum slab for billing should be increased from 50 to 100 units of consumption.
  • Street lights should be properly maintained and monitored.


  • Maintenance of drainage lines and manhole covers should be taken up regularly.
  • New drainage lines should be laid where they do not exist – department must monitor and implement these tasks before the onset of monsoons.
  • Storm water drains and sewerage drains should be separated. Open drains should be widened and properly covered.

Graveyards, Cremation Grounds, Crematorium

  • Protect existing graveyards and cremation grounds from encroachment.
  • Every citizen has a right to a decent burial/ Government should therefore earmark land for new graveyards and cremation grounds and electric crematorium, all providing free services to the poor.
  • Interdepartmental coordination in consultation with ward development committees (departments maintaining roads, electricity poles, drainage pipelines, telephones, etc. mechanisms must be put in place to ensure that citizens are not inconvenienced in accessing basic civic amenities. Responsive circle-level Help lines and Grievance cells should be created.

(4) Law and Order, Police

  • Women constables must be posted in all police stations.
  • Police officials should follow Supreme Court guidelines as per the D.K.Basu case to protect the rights of an arrested person. The rights of arrested persons should be displayed prominently at every police station in the local language.
  • Children below 12 years should not be kept in lock-up.
  • Trafficking – a problem in the old city – must be checked, with stern measures against the perpetrators both in the society and those within the Police department. The nexus between the police and the traffickers must be checked and the guilty punished.
  • In the context of the communal situation, the Krishna Rao Commission (1984) and the Ramanachary Commission (1991) recommendations should be made public and
  • implemented.
  • Lower-cadre police personnel should be properly trained to deal with public with more professionalism and with due regard to citizens’ dignity and rights.
  • Illegal harassment by police of Muslim youth in the name of terrorism should stop.

(5) Electoral Reforms

  • Political parties should ensure that their nominated candidates do not have criminal records, and do not harbour any kind of religious, casteist or communal sentiments and bias, and that they have a record of public, social service.
  • Elections should not be held until every voter gets his/her voter identity card. The voter identity card should be the basis for voting.
  • Introduce Right to Recall system and modify the existing First past the Post system.
  • Voters’ lists must be updated periodically to ensure that the names of all eligible citizens are included therein.
  • An Election Watch Team should be formed comprising civil society representatives and officials in every assembly constituency during elections with due authority.

(6) General

  • A regulatory mechanism viz. a commissionerate with judicial powers should be set up to recover illegally occupations and monitor the working of the Wakf board and to protect all Wakf property.
  • Development work in and around heritage monuments should not be done in a manner that it changes the nature of the place. People living in the vicinity of these monuments for generations are very much part of the living heritage, and are the stakeholders.
  • Heritage preservation projects should not displace people of the area, and houses they live in must be maintained in the original state with appropriate allocation of funds and participation of the people who are the stakeholders.

We, the citizens of this part of historic Hyderabad present this manifesto and demand that all electoral candidates should take an oath that they should be committed to fulfilling the demands mentioned here. And should also implement in letter and spirit the assurances given in their own party manifestoes.



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  • 1. wadanatodo  |  20/03/2009 को 09:13

    Comment by rajkiran -rajkiran1982@yahoo.com

    Accidentally deleted by WadaNaTodo (sorry).

    rajkiran says:
    It is absolutely ridiculous to divide the finances between old city and new city. That level of granularity will only hurt. Imaging, if the “new” city people start asking to keep the finances from “new” city only to “new” city…then Old city will have no money at all.

  • 2. Gayatri  |  20/06/2009 को 06:01

    hi, i am looking for house which government providing but still now i have not received it kindly help me how to go head to get it . thanking you


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