Kutch Charter

05/03/2009 at 08:01 टिप्पणी करे

Kutch Charter:

  1. Grant ST category to Koli, Pargi and Vagri community.
  2. Provide drinking water and water for irrigation from the adjoining Narmada Canal.
  3. Allot 5 acre plot for burial to dalits
  4. Repeal changes made in the Atrocity Act in Gujarat.
  5. Stop privatization in primary education
  6. Include the people of Kutch who have sold their lands to the companies as shareholders in the company and also provide them employment.
  7. Change the criteria for selection of BPL card holders
  8. Provide reservations to the people of Kutch in Special Economic Zones.
  9. Amend the Gujarat Panchayat Act. It is seen that Panchayat ward members are prejudiced and usually vote out Dalit Sarpanches (selected by people) through no-confidence motions once they come to power.
  10. Secure rights Koli community for collection of firewood and coal to ensure a secure livelihood.
  11. Extend 200 days of work for every household under NREGA



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