Latur Charter

05/03/2009 at 10:12 टिप्पणी करे

Latur Charter:


  • 40% people in the district are illiterate hence ensure adequate funding and proper implementation of the all the schemes for literacy campaign.
  • Develop study classes in every school to ensure that equal and quality education is provided to the rural and urban students.
  • Bring all the schools under single department and develop a controller for its proper functioning.
  • Effective implementation of free mid day meals, free textbooks and other education material.
  • Open 10 residential Ashram Schools in each taluka for the boy and girl students from the Scheduled tribes.
  • Open one more residential Ashram school for the Adivasi students as there is only one school in the district for them.


  • Develop functional MIDC for the skilled and unskilled workers in each taluka.
  • Provide Gairan Land to the landless laborers in their name.
  • Landless laborers are allowed to purchase land directly under the Karmaveer Dadasaheb Gaikwad Swabhiman and Sabalikaran Yojana.


  • Develop irrigation projects on large scale as only 61 thousand hectare land out of 696 thousand hectare is under irrigation. Develop Water Shed, Farm Ponds and Common Wells etc in the constituency for this purpose.
  • Develop organic farming and provide adequate funds for the mass awareness and implementation, development of the organic farming in the region.
  • Priorities the water distribution as drinking water, agriculture/irrigation and industries instead drinking water, industries and irrigation in Latur district.
  • Presently in the country we have maximum land holding law but we do not have minimum land holding law. Hence this law also should be enacted.
  • Develop power generation projects in Latur. Also use the available electric power for irrigation rather than using it more for industries.


  • Develop general social health schemes rather than focusing on specific ailments. Also built primary centers in each taluka considering equal distribution of population and easy access to every individual to each primary health center. Also provide all facilities through these centers.
  • Provide free health insurance to all the agricultural workers and unorganized workers.


  • Ban child labor in all the industries.
  • All the children’s aged 6 to 18 must get education; hence consider all those children’s out of the purview of education as child labors.


  • The illiteracy rate amongst women in the district is as high as 40%, hence implement special literacy campaign for them in the district.
  • The sex ratio in Latur district is as low as 935 women for every 1000 men, hence ensure effective implementation of laws against female foeticide, strengthen the existing laws and support social campaigns in favour of the girl child.
  • Despite the government announced loan at the rate 4% for the women self help groups, still till date the SHGs have not received the same. Hence implement the scheme immediately for the women’s self help group.

Dalit & Adivasi:

  • Backlog of scheduled castes and tribes in the government services is filled immediately.
  • Declare reservations for them even in the private sector.
  • Provide adequate budgets and funds for the social and economical schemes meant for the Dalits and Adivasis.
  • Invoking the provisions of the prevention of atrocities act. Effective implementation of the atrocities act.
  • 16% budget allocation and spending the same on the development of the Scheduled Caste & Scheduled tribes.

Public Services:

  • More than 108 villages in the district are still not connected through proper roads. Hence develop road and transport facilities to these villages so that they are also brought in the mainstream of development.
  • There are only 1352 public distribution shops in the district, which is too short to provide the basic essential amenities to the 20, 80,000 population of the district. Hence open more fair price shops in the district.
  • There are only 58 nationalized banks and 38 rural banks in the district which is not sufficient to cater to the needs of the large scale population of the district, hence open adequate branches of the nationalized banks in the district.

Law & Order:

  • There are only 22 police stations and 14 police posts in the districts which are not sufficient to take care of the law and order situation in the district. Even the men power is too small to tackle the situation. Hence open more police stations and police posts & recruit more police personal in the district.
  • Ensure social sensitization of the police force & also modernize the entire police force.
  • In every village “tantamukti samiti’s” are appointed. These Samiti’s are headed by the Jamindars of the villages. Thus an autocratic rule is existing in the villages. The common man and specifically the backward sections are not comfortable and do not dare to take up their matters to these samiti’s. Where as the government has made it compulsory to first take the village matters to these samiti’s and if not resolved there only then the police takes cognizance of the complaints of the villagers. Hence these samiti’s be headed by the government authority only so that it is really made functional and is effectively implemented to take care of law and order situation at the village level.



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