Pratapgarh Charter

05/03/2009 at 10:52 2 टिप्पणिया

Pratapgarh Charter:

  1. Auto and Tractor factories in Pratapgarh must be revived or alternative governmental or private industry be established with provision for prioritize employment of local youth.
  2. An Agricultural Training and Information Centre must be set up at the level of each Gram Panchayat to enable farmers to receive support for ground testing, selection of seeds, techniques to deal with farm diseases etc.
  3. Childless aged persons should be give a monthly pension of at least Rs. 2000 and an old age home must be set up in every Gram Panchayat.
  4. Families above the poverty line holding a ration card must also be entitled to subsidized grain, rice and sugar.
  5. The MP / MLA Fund must be spent based on the decisions of the Gram Sabha or else this provision should be discontinued.
  6. The Sachar Committee recommendations must be implemented and accordingly degrees provided by Madrasas must be recognized and Urdu must be declared as a second national language.
  7. In keeping with Article 341 of the Indian Constitution, reservations for Muslims must also be brought into effect and Muslim Dalits must be included in the Scheduled Caste list should be accorded the same provisions for reservation and other government facilities.
  8. Employment provided under NREGA must be increased to 200 days and work must necessarily be provided. Unemployment allowance must be given to job card holders who are not duly engaged.



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  • 1. Salim Khan  |  13/03/2009 को 17:06

    Very good effort. These demonds are very essencial and needfull for our parliamentry constituenty Pratapgarh.

  • 2. Sanjay Mishra  |  11/02/2010 को 07:28

    State Govt.or Central Govt.must take some measures to establish big factories in Pratapgarh.So thet local youths can earn their livelihood in Pratapgarh itself,instead of mobing to Mumbai or Delhi in search of Emploment.The above suggestion is realy very good.


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