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Gathering views from across Etah, UP

Gathering views from across Etah, UP

The Local Manifestos have been developed through a two-stage process.

In the first stage, public meetings are held in village clusters to identify prevalent needs and concerns. For example, in Maharajganj constituency of Uttar Pradesh, five separate public meetings were across blocks of the constituency to develop the base list of aspirations.

In the second stage, the overall demands have been taken back to the constituency through a ‘public hearing’ or Lok Adalat involving representatives of the different communities and groups present in the constituency. For example, the Local Hearing organized in Kurnool constituency of Andhra Pradesh involved presentations made by Youth and Students Associations, the Teacher’s Federation, Advocates, Senior Citizens, SHG members, NGOs, Political Organizations and representatives from other professional associations. Experts, academics and respected figures from the constituency have been involved to support the prioritization of demands for the constituency.

The local media has been extensively involved in covering and reporting the proceedings across parliamentary constituencies. For instance, in Etah (Uttar Pradesh), youth groups facilitating the process effectively used door-to-door campaigning, public hoardings, cable television and the extensive coverage provided by local newspapers to create a high level of visibility and enthusiasm for the development of the People’s Manifesto in the constituency.

Panchayat members, Members of Legislative Assembly and local office bearers of political parties have also attended these public hearings at the constituency level. In states such as Maharashtra, the Member of Parliament has been present at the Public Hearing to receive the People’s Manifesto from the given constituency whereas in Uttar Pradesh and Gujarat, MPs have received the Local Manifesto through a delegation.

So far, a total of 230,943 people have been involved through the public consultations and hearings that were organized in 100 parliamentary constituencies. This includes the direct participation of citizens from different walks of life as well as organizational representatives speaking on behalf of an extended community. For example, 5000 people – including an overwhelming majority of women – attended the Public Hearing held in Gondia-Bhandara constituency of Maharashtra.

To get involved in the process happening at a local level, email us at: or call 011-4608237

Or you can get involved in our online video campaign – Voice Your Manifesto.


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  • 1. Dr V.Janaki  |  26/03/2009 को 04:30

    it’s great, but please publish the same through schools and colleges as well as the audi-visual medium. Transparency and Accountability is the need of the hour, by all stakeholders, otherwise, we are keeping ourselves open to divisiveness, communalism, corruption, discrimination. the rights of the largely invisible populace of the disabilities/ differently abled needs more than a passing mention. for too long, we’ve been brushing it all under the carpet, sermonizing. it’s not too hard to consider the plight of the diifferently challenged is it. so, here we go, jai ho, chak de India

  • 2. shubham  |  25/04/2010 को 11:23

    etah is the one of the best city of up.


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