Bapatla Charter:

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Bapatla Charter:

  1. There is direct unemployment and indirect unemployment existing, in villages some people will have work for 6 to 7 months. The remaining 5 months government has to show employment to all the seasonal employees under NREGS scheme or other schemes.
  2. Though there are many colleges exiting in Bapatla constituency employment problems are heavy. A big industry which provides employment to 4 to 5 thousand people is much needed. (Subjective to the Environmental norms).
  3. Many villages are thirst for water. Protected water facility or sufficient quantity taking tanks are lacking. Protected water facilities have to be provided in all the villages. Irrigation facilities shall be improved.
  4. Municipalities/Panchayats has to improve sanitation facilities like mosquitoes killings, wastage/ garbage lifting are to be provided in same areas there are no burial grounds and they are to be provided.
  5. There are many homeless people. As the families increasing they are not finding roof to live in. government issuing pattas but not putting the recipients into physical possessions of plots. So, patta along with physical possession of plot is to be made compulsory. Further the size present of pattas is Ac 0.01 cents or Ac. 0.1 ½ cents which is insufficient and the size of the plot should be not less than Ac. 0.02 ½ cent or 0.03 cents.
  6. City buses are to be provided for the sake of college going students/people coming to Bapatla on various works to offices which provide s cheap transportation.
  7. Passenger’s trains have to be increased. Stage to stage trains like Tenali to Ongole, Ongole to Nellore, Tenali to Vijaywade, Tenali to Repalle etc. shall be provided.
  8. Irrigation facilities have to be increased to the agricultural sector. Village tanks small canals are to be provided. Sprinkler Irrigation, drip Irrigation facilities shall be provided free of cost or at 75% subsidy are also to be provided on subsidy basis to the flowery culture and horticulture crops.
  9. The proposed National Highway through Bapatla town has to be look back as the traffic in Bapatla town is increasing, it is not safe to have the highway through Bapatla instead of that a Bye-Pass road which connects Karlapalem via Pharmacy has to be thought of.
  10. Instead of giving waste land to SEZs or to big industrialists, it has to be allocated poor and land peoples unemployed of our area who can create their employment through agriculture.
  11. Small artisans to get preference in Bank loans, or separate financial corporation are to be created to help them.
  12. Youth and women’s groups are to be trained in agriculture; seedlings growing so that they may grow the groves which help the environment create employment which is beneficiary to them.
  13. In Uppugunduru/Chirala Sea coast, there are many salt lands; they have to be given to the salt growing farmers instead of giving them too big industries.
  14. Some of the people are converting the agriculture land into fish ponds/Prawn tanks which ultimately causing damage to agriculture lands of other people and also causing injury to atmosphere. Stick action has to be taken against such person who converts agriculture lands into fish ponds. Concerned department has to take action against such people who works against EMPEDA Rules.
  15. Child labour becomes big menace and children are loosing their happy childhood, stringent steps and solution to be adopted to eradicate this problem.

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Raipur Narasaraopet Charter:

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