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National Rural Employment Guarantee Act

  • There should be planed the activity for the villages having kept the situation of the villagers in the mind so that the work of individual benefits would be held and the people could improve their income
  • Focus on Village based micro planning and priority to creative and constructive work for long time benefits (like soil and water conservation work)
  • There is a strong need of reform in the payment system of the NREGA so that the work of the individual benefits could be held and the 200 days work could be given instead of the 100 days work in the community.
  • The working labors in NREGA are insured by the government as per the government norms
  • Govt.should monitor social audit properly with the support of Gram sabha and local NGOs.

Drinking water and Irrigation:

  • The drinking water arrangement should be made in the remote area through repairing of canals and development of un irrigated land. Having made the small water conservation tools there is a need of water harvesting so that the ground water level could increase.
  • The special schemes should be implemented for unfertile and desert land development
  • There is a need to make water management committee’s effective and strong
  • Having connected the local tanks/ponds from the large rivers so that the local water sources could improve

Forest right

  • There is no knowledge about the Forest Committee members to the people so there is a need of re constitution of the committee member and the training program for them
  • The land Patta of the tribal people should issues easily among the tribal community that are living in the forest from initial to up till as per the forest act.
  • Having made the liaison between Panchayat and the forest department there is a need of hand over the roles and the responsibility of the concern system.
  • The forest produce details should explore in the Gram Sabha time to time in front of the villagers.
  • There is a need to ensure the people participation in the forest development work


  • To make strong and effective School development committee and pay more attention towards quality education
  • There is a need to ensure the enough number of the teachers in the schools as well as in fracture also
  • There should beprovision for the Girl college at the block level for the better education purpose
  • There should be Jawahar Navodaya Vidayalaya at each and every blocks


  • ensure the stay of the current health service providers and appoint the staff as per the need in other service center
  • ensure the sufficient health services as per the need at the PHC level and higher than this
  • ensure the sufficient availability of the medicine and the distribution of the generic medicine in the government hospitals
  • ensure the accessibility of the JSY benefit to the beneficiaries
  • ensure the 108 ambulance at each and every CHC and 1 lady doctor also for the view of the better health services
  • There is a need of orientation of ASHA for their capacity building
  • ensure the quality among all the implementing programs regarding nutrition’s of the government
  • There should be ensure the availability according to the situations of the area in the nutrition program

Agriculture and Animal Husbandry:

  • The minimum support price of the agricultural produce should increase and government arrangement should held for the selling
  • There should be arrangement of the Krishi Upaj Mandi hold at the block level for the selling of the agricultural produces
  • Ensure the proper water management and distribution system in canal area.
  • There is a need to promote the organic farming
  • To ensure the electricity availability in the day for irrigating the field of the farmers
  • The purchasing value of the Opium and Doda post should increase
  • The Opium cultivation license should issue to those who are excluded and issue 10-10 aari to each claimant
  • To appoint the veterinary doctor on each and every panchayat level
  • There is a need to do any arrangement for the wild animals at Panchayat level.
  • Canal area of Jakham Dam should be lengthened to Increase Irrigation facility in non command area.

Social Security Schemes:

  • To ensure the time for the PDS shops and distribution of the food material timely
  • The time period for the PDS dealer is to ensure for the 5 years if he/she could do better during this period other wise he/she should terminated and the license of that person is cancelled for ever
  • To implement the widow, disable and old age pension schemes have to do the process simple and effective
  • Some special schemes should launch for some special person as per the need/requirement in rare cases
  • The BPL listing process should be made as simple and transparent
  • There is a need of resurvey regarding BPL listing

PRI system:

  • The special camp should arrange for the land conflict resolution at Panchayat level
  • Govt. should organize Land settlement process to shout out land related dispute .
  • To establish a block level judicial sells to resolve the local judicial issues.
  • There should be established a Gram Panchayat each 1000 voter.

Other Issues:

  • The water should be poured out have to make the feeder from Tatol dam to Bagholiya dam
  • The cement factory of Nara Mangara is restart .

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Ajmer Kota

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