Gadchiroli – Chimur

20/03/2009 at 12:27 टिप्पणी करे

  1. Protect land rights of Adivasis of Gadchiroli region and restore land illegally alienated from them.
  2. Ensure/confer the right of access to forest and forest produce; recording of rights of inhabitants of forest villages.
  3. No project, industrial or development, should be undertaken where displacement of tribal people occurs without a comprehensive and sustainable rehabilitation package. Such a scheme must be put in place before any displacement or work begins. They must get land for land. Displacement if inevitable then they is given, not just the economic rehabilitation but also the socio and cultural rehabilitation be ensured.
  4. Extension of panchayat system to the Adivasi habitats.
  5. Survey of the people living below poverty is done again and the list be made public of such beneficiaries.
  6. The rationing system in the region is the worst. The shops do not remain open for the entire month. If they are open the essential commodities are not available in the shops on those days. Hence the common masses and specifically the poor face great difficulties. The kerosene to be sold through these shops is being diverted in the black market. The government must initiate stringent actions against all these shop keepers. The license to run these shops is granted to the women self help group immediately as announce by the government.
  7. The Jabran Jot holder is given the land and it is registered in her/his name.
  8. Implement the atrocity act effectively and stringent action under this act is taken against all guilty in the incidences of atrocities against the Dalits and the Adivasis.
  9. The innocent Adivasi is being unnecessarily harassed by both the naxalites and the police force on the pretext of being informer either of the police or the naxalites. The government must immediately take effective measures to stop this and create an atmosphere of safety in the region so that the poor Adivasis can live with out fear and they are brought in the mainstream of development.
  10. The main office of the naxal cell is in Nagpur where as the problem is in Gadchiroli which is 174 kms away from Nagpur. Hence to tackle the situation effectively the naxal cell is shifted to Gadchiroli town instead of Nagpur.
  11. To ensure that the local unemployed youth gets employment ensure that the iron factory is built in the Ettapally taluka only.
  12. For the over all development of the region the state and the central government must immediately start the work of the Gadchiroli – Sironcha railway line.
  13. For over all development of irrigation and to ensure regular water supply to all the regions of the district immediately start the work of the Karwafa and Tul Tuli dam which is pending since last several years despite repeated assurance by both the central and state governments.
  14. Declare Gadchiroli district as drought prone and provide work and food work to the affected population and also provide fodder for the animals in the district.
  15. It is observed that the scholarship to the students studying in the government and government schools and colleges get their scholarship after the session is over, there by creating grave difficulties for the poor students. Hence these students must get their scholarship in the beginning of the session so that they can concentrate on their studies and can be brought in the mainstream of the development and they do not drop out for the want of money.

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Kolhapur Satara

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