Hindupur Charter

20/03/2009 at 12:02 1 टिप्पणी

  1. All Political Parties shall come out with specific package for Weaving industry, since about 2 lakh weavers are suffering a lot in Hindupur Constituency.
  2. The historical Lepakshi temple shall be renovated & protected and developed as a tourist centre.
  3. All political parties shall promise for the establishment of ESI Hospital at Hindupur, since the sanction funds were diverted & pending since a long time.
  4. Infrastructure & Facilities at Hindupur industrial estate shall be improved. New industries to be started. Textile Park shall be established. Separate Schools & Hospitals for industrial workers shall be established.
  5. Special package for the Minorities development shall be initiated, since Hindupur is one of the minorities’ concentrated places. Urdu language has to be developed. Separate Urdu junior & degree colleges shall be started. Funds to APS Minorities Finance corporation shall be increased. Political reservations to Muslims shall be given.
  6. Hindupur General Hospital hall be upgraded with 500 bedded hospital from 100 bedded hospital. Blood Bank shall be established at the hospital. DGO Post shall be sanctioned to the Maternity hospital.
  7. Water and sanitation facilities at Hindupur and rural areas shall be improved. Underground drainage system at Hindupur municipality shall be developed.
  8. Government schools & colleges shall be developed instead of encouraging Corporate schools and colleges.
  9. Roads shall be widened and Flyovers shall be built for better traffic at Hindupur. Park shall be developed.
  10. All political parties shall come out special package for Women’s empowerment. Loans & Skill development Trainings shall be provided. Women reservation bill has to be approved immediately. Political reservations/Party tickets at all stages shall be given.

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Robetsganj Rohini

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  • 1. Dr VK Agarwal  |  13/07/2010 को 00:49

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