Nanital Charter:

21/03/2009 at 14:31 1 टिप्पणी


  1. jkeuxj {ks= esa izcU/kdh; ,oa O;olkf;d f”k{k.k laLFkku ugha gSA vkfFkZd deh ds dkj.k vf/kdrj ;qok f”k{kk xzg.k djus gsrq ckgj ugha tk ikrs gSaA vr% bl {ks= esa ,d rduhdh O;olkf;d f”k{k.k dsUnz [kksyk tk;A
  2. ;gka Qy i;kZIr :i esa miyC/k gSaA lh/ks Qy cspus dh vis{kk Qy iz”kks/ku }kjk tse] tSyh] twl] eqjCck ,oa vU; [kk| lkexzh fufeZr dj T;knk ykHk vftZr fd;k tk ldrk gSA vr% bl {ks= esa ,d mUur Qy iz”kks/ku dsUnz LFkkfir fd;k tk;A
  3. eky/ku {ks= vuqlwfpr tkfr cgqy {ks= gSA vuqlwfpr tkfr gsrq fu/kkZfjr ;kstuk,sa bl {ks= esa iw.kZ :i ls lfØ; ugha gS vr% LFkkuh; Lrj ij lHkh vuqlwfpr tkfr dY;k.k ;kstukvksa dks iw.kZ :i ls ykxw fd;k tk;A
  4. ch0ih0,y0 O;fDr;ksa dh vkfFkZd fLFkfr lq/kkjus ds fy, vk;o)Zu dk;ZØe fodflr fd;s tk;A
  5. bl {ks= esa izkd`frd lalk/ku ¼ty] taxy] tehu ,oa vU;½ izpwj ek=k esa miyC/k gSA izkd`frd lalk/ku izcU/ku }kjk jkstxkj fodflr fd;s tk; ftlls csjkstxkj ;qokvksa dks jkstxkj fey ldsA
  6. mUur uLy dh i”kqvksa dh miyfC/k gsrq i”kq dsUnz dh LFkkiuk dh tk;A
  7. jkeuxj {ks= esa lgdkjh lfefr;ksa dks l”kDr djus gsrq izcU/kdh; dkS”ky fodkl ds dk;ZØe fd;s tk;a rFkk ,d QSMjs”ku dh LFkkiuk dh tk;A
  8. eq[; lM+d ls nwj {ks=ksa esa dPph lM+dksa dk fuekZ.k vfr”kh?kz djok;k tk; ftlls O;olkf;d mRiknuksa dh fcØh gsrq tuleqnk; dks cktkj ys tkus esa lqfo/kk fey ldsA
  9. izkFkfed LokLF; dsUnzksa esa fpfdRlk lalk/ku i;kZIr :i esa miyC/k ugha gSA vr% vko”;drkuqlkj izkFkfed LokLF; dsUnzksa esa fpfdRlk lalk/ku i;kZIr :i esa miyC/k djok;s tk;A
  10. lkaoynso {ks= esa ikuh i;kZIr :i esa ugha fey ikrkA ty ;kstuk,sa yksxksa dh ty lEcU/kh vko”;drk iwjh ugha dj ik jgh gSA vr% vfoyEc ty vkiwfrZ gsrq vko”;drkuqlkj ;kstukvksa dks lfØ; fd;k tk;A

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Nagaland: Guwahati Charter:

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