Bargarh Charter:

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Bargarh Charter:

  1. Special package for the backward & non irrigated eight blocks of the district including all the six blocks of Padampur Sub-division. These blocks always loose out as major areas of Bargarh are irrigated. Focus should be on livelihood generation programmes, drinking water & non farm activities.
  2. People centric women empowerment programmes as women are still used as rubber stamp even when elected. Community based organizations be encouraged to run women empowerment programmes on a regular basis with the support of government.
  3. Special programmes for Children’s well being & health. Immunization coverage being low, a special community centric strategy to enhance coverage. Since majority of the children are malnourished, a nutrition campaign is also needed.
  4. The constituency has large concentration of dalits & tribals who are exploited by the influential persons. Since the plans & programmes specifically meant for them are not reaching them, a special cell in the district headquarter to review & monitor such programmes & fix accountability to streamline the programmes.
  5. Institutional credit is much below the CRR percentage thereby pushing the people to the hands of the money lenders & exploiters. Banks & financial institutions must adhere to the RBI guideline & remove procedural bottlenecks to provide loans to promote small enterprises at community level.
  6. The NREGA is working in pen & paper. Mandatory social audits & early decision making to speed up implementation & bring about accountability in its implementation.
  7. To set up a special cluster to promote weaving & designing as “Sambalpuri” cloathes are world famous. The cluster should have experts in designing, marketing & export promotion so that weavers can enhance their skills & income.
  8. To declare Gandhmardan hills as an eco-fragile zone & to stop all non forestry activities in & around it. It should be promoted as a tourist spot & upgrading its infrastructure to promote herbal tourism. The Ayurvedic College can be roped in to share its technical expertise to the project.
  9. Political parties should not foist non committed leadership for the constituency. All the political parties so far not promoted proper candidates for the constituency for which the constituency is backward.
  10. Fair price of paddy to the farmers of irrigated area & timely lifting & payment to farmers for their produce.

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