Pondicherry Charter:

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Pondicherry Charter:

Women’s Manifesto:

  1. Passing bill on minimum 33% reservation for women:
  2. In our country women are counting 50% of our total population of 120 crores. There is a long lasting pending of 33% reservation for women in political administration and employment opportunities. Even then it was decided very earlier, put forth in two houses of parliament as draft and bill, still it is a unaccomplished mission. Various political parties and alliances have announced this reservation as their main election manifesto and promised to enact this 33% reservation. Unfortunately, none of the political parties and political fronts have passed this bill.
  3. It is a menace to notice that even then women have voted in majority in the parliament elections, 33% reservation, which is one third of the total representation is not still enabled. None of the ruled political parties, who announced that they will pass this reservation bill, still now has failed to keep their promises. The women and the men favour of women are continuously insisting this 33% reservation for development of women. As a comprehensive voice of nation wide total women population, Cuddalore District peoples manifesto insist the political parties those who are contesting in the forthcoming parliamentary election to be conducted in the month of May 2009, to pass bills in order to enact this reservation.
  4. In addition, through this people’s manifesto, we request all the political parties contesting in this parliament election should come forward voluntarily to assure to accomplish and to add this 33% reservation for women in their election manifesto. They should give opportunity for 33% women to contest as their party candidates, in the forthcoming parliament election.
  5. Passing Bills of the Self reliant cooperative act for Self Help Groups and Federations:
    This peoples manifesto insists to enact a Self reliant cooperative act for self dependency of the self help groups and federations, in order to allow the groups and federation to act independently and democratically without the intervention and interruptions of the political parties and administrators as prevailing in states like Andhra, Madhya Pradesh and Bihar.
    Passing the bill for Complete Alcohol Ban and Enforcement of Existing Ban on Smoking in Public Places:
    Some of the states have already banned alcohol in their state. Ban to smoke in public places is in existence all over our country. In this juncture our Tamil Nadu Government is selling alcohol
  6. through TASMAC. This leads to the dreadful conditions of poor families, women, youth and children. This alcohol business causes income loss in poor families. Government may get abundant income out of arrack sales but the amount incurred towards curing the alcoholic victims and uplifting the affected families due this alcoholism is more. Alcoholic addition is rapidly spreading with all age groups of the community such as elders and youth. If this condition extends, 90% of the population will be in the hands of alcoholism. This will affect the youths in their education and employment opportunities. A country or state with full of alcoholism cannot dream about it’s development. Parent’s alcoholic behavior, create fear in children and their concentration towards study will get distracted. If this condition prevails for ever, the country will remain as a state/country having degraded human resources with inverse development. Hence this people’s manifesto insists to have a total ban on arrack and enforce the existing act on ban to smoke in public places.

Children Manifesto:

  1. Ensuring Children participation in Gram Saba:
  2. The rural administration is based on the Panchayat Raj system. This panchayat raj system has salient features such as Social Justice, Rural development and Self Governance. This enable the people to participate in the Grama Saba meetings conducted in each pachayat level, provide space for the people to plan their village level action plan and developmental activities. There is a rule to conduct these meetings four times in a year on August – 15th Independence Day, May – 1st Laborer’s day, January – 26th Republic day and October-2nd Gandhi Jayanthi. People of 18 years old and above, falls under the respective panchayat can attend the Gram Shaba meeting. But there is no provision by law to ensure the children participation. The children below 18 years are having 4 basic rights: Right to Live, Right to Participate, Right to Protection and Right to Development. Based on these rights, United Nation Organization has framed a child rights agreement, in which 152 countries all along the world including India has signed in. The children are not allowed to express the rights violation, need and problems in the Gram Saba meetings. This condition should be changed by allowing the children to participate in Gram Saba meetings. In Karnataka, there is a Government order stating that one Gram Saba meeting should be conducted for children.
  3. This peoples manifesto requests to ensure the children’s participation and developmental rights at national level by an amendment in Panchayat Raj Act, ensuring the children participation in Gram Saba meetings, these meetings may be conducted on National Children’s day falls on Novemeber14th.
    Identical Balanced Education for children:
    Education is the deciding factor of the future of our younger generation and development of our country. Today the educational institutions are run by government and private institutions. Even then government is having schemes like primary education for all; there is a lot to develop in the quality of education. Some private institutions are proclaiming that they are giving a standard education using English as a medium involving high cost, and trying to convert the education as a trade. At the same time the government schools in villages are remaining with out proper infrastructural facilities and insufficient teachers, which give rooms for privatization of education which is a threat for future generation. These practices will not ensure a balanced education for the students as a whole. In the same time students in the villages will not fed with the fruits.
    Standard and Quality education system should be maintained both for the village and urban students. Lacunas and problems in the educational department should be culled out. The teachers should be capacitated continuously. All infrastructural facilities should be made available to the village schools. For attaining this, this manifesto insists that 6% of the country’s total income should be spent towards children’s education.
    Dalit, Most Backward and Tribals Manifesto:
    Request to implement the reservation for SC/ST/OBC in Higher Education Institutions (46 Institutions):
    In order to strengthen the social justice and equality, Indian constitution promises 50% of the educational and employment opportunities should be assured for the Dalits, Most backwards and tribes, based on the employment and educational opportunities are given to the said groups. Recently, the central government higher educational institutions such as JIPMER, IIT and IAM inclusive of 46 institutions have banned these reservations. This type of ban will bring to a close the Dalits, Backwards and Tribes students from getting the educational and employment opportunities. This will result in non participation of these groups in decision making and
  4. implementing bodies of the society. The entire said communities will be put back in the social system, which will act as the root cause for the social injustice and inequity and diversification among the communities and may result in communal riots. Hence this people manifesto insists to implement the reservations in all higher educational institutions and the said 46 central government institutions, in order to ensure social equity, social justice and distribution of powers to the Dalit, Most Backward and Tribes.
    Providing drainage facilities and constructing Check dams at possible places of high flood prone areas in Cuddalore District:
    Every year, Cuddalore District is one of the most vulnerable coastal districts for flood and cyclone. The areas coming under the Cuddalore and Chidambaram parliament constituency are severely affected by floods every year. These areas comprises of more undulated land demography and having many rivers and falls in the delta
    zone of river Cauvery ,the drainage channels of these areas are not de silted in advance before rains, hence these areas are highly susceptible for flood which damages the habitations and the agricultural lands which are their main livelihood sources. Hence, this manifesto insists to provide drainage facilities in these areas and to construct check dams in possible places to hold the excess flood water.
    Construction of Disaster Resistance houses worth of Rupees 1.5 lakhs, for Dalits and vulnerable people living in thatched houses at flood prone areas:
    The Dalits and other vulnerable peoples living in the flood prone areas of Cuddalore and Chidambaram Parliament constituencies are residing in thatched and unsafe houses. Every year during the floods, their entire houses are damaged and they are bounded to make new houses which lead them towards high indebtness results in poverty. Even then the government announcing flood relief every year, it is not sufficient to compensate their losses. Hence this peoples manifesto insists to construct disaster resistant permanent shelters in the uplands.
    Manifesto on Government Schemes:
    Request to mainstream and implement the NREGP:
    National Rural Employment Guarantee Program – NREGP Is being implemented in various states of our country. This NREGP insists that the people of the Panchayats should be ensured with minimum 100 days work in a year. These employment opportunities should offer them
  5. Rs.80 per day as wages for worthy work.
    At the time of implementation, at village level the panchayat presidents, members and public are not properly aware about this program and due to some mall practices the benefits of the scheme not fully reached the village people. The wage structure is based on the agricultural work, and the work nature is ascertained based on the public works department’s norms, this complicated system cause difficulties in work ascertaining and paying the wages. Hence, this people manifesto insists that the complicate procedures and mall practices should be culled out, in order to mainstream this scheme and to form a village level monitoring committee for proper implementation of the scheme.
    The people’s manifesto also insists that any government schemes should be implemented after creating a thorough awareness among the people in a way that they can easily understood the scheme. Help of non governmental organizations may be taken to create awareness.
    Doctors availability in Village Health Centers should be increased as 12 hours and giving pension for HIV / AIDS patients:
    Village level Primary Health Centers and Health Sub Centers are being run by the government for the health and hygiene of the people living in villages. This service is essential for the welfare of the village people. Doctors are not willing to work in the village health centers and the staff nurses and Assistant staff nurses only serving in these village health centers. Government has to make proper and essential medical facilities and to ensure proper distribution of medical services at village levels with proper transportation facilities. Hence this people manifesto insist, that the government should initiate necessary steps to assure the doctors availability of time in the health centers at least 12 hours per day. This manifesto also insist that the vaccination and the treatment for adolescent girls , treatment for pregnant women, delivery facilities and medicines for venom bite should be readily available at village level and the HIV / AIDS affected patients should be given with monthly pension.
    To enforce the pollution control act, to reduce the release of pollutant from the Cuddalore SIPCOT industrial area which causes environmental degradation:
  6. Various factories are installed and running in the SIPCOT area of Cuddalore District. In one hand these factories are contributing to the industrial development and employment generation, in other hand the people living in the areas around the factories are severely affected by various diseases due to the pollutants released by the factories, specifically children, pregnant women, old ages, sea fishermen and inland fishermen are severely affected. Hence this peoples manifesto insists the government to identify the problems created due to the release of pollutants through a severe monitoring system and to ban the factories which are violating pollution control rules and norms.

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