Panna Charter:

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Panna Charter:

  1. Ensure the benefits of Natural resources of Panna district i.e. Diamond and precious wood etc to local communities. The processing units of Diamond establish in Indore and it is an open injustice with local communities of Panna district. To overcome with this problem local level decision for its utilization should be taken at local level.
  2. The education criteria and age limit for political contestant should be fixed and compulsory
  3. In case of displacement that displacement should be ensure according to the displacement Act 2005.
  4. Under River linked project, first world RLP started in this region. It is recognized by the name of Cane Betawa River linked project. If project will be started then most effected area will be Panna district. People demanding for revising their project in favor of the residence of Panna district.
  5. Mostly people representative after getting selected they often forget their responsibility and less accountable to them. In this case the voter has no choice and they should have the right to call back their selective representative.
  6. During the period of election the voter have independent choice for electing the candidates who stand for election but if non the candidates are enough capable to become the choice then also they have no choice and they choice best among the worse. In this type of cases it is demanded for the election commission that provision should be made in which the voter can be say that they do not prefer these candidates.
  7. In this region there is an abundance of Natural Resources but its management is far aware so the people of the region demand for the benefits of available Natural Resources should be demanded by the local people.
  8. Farmers should have the rights to decide the price of their crops.
  9. Efforts for privatization of water should be stop.
  10. Highly Professional Education fee should be reduced.
  11. Professional Education center should be established in the region.
  12. Primary education facility should be provide in that region.
  13. The Planning Process should be raise at bottom to top in which problem of village raise to center level.
  14. Agriculture should be included in the Industrial sector.
  15. It is the responsibility of the people as well as their representative to check corruption. And it should be stopped with the immediate effect.
  16. The role of state as well as the as center should be well define in case of Social security scheme and Public Distribution system, so that they cannot make responsible to another party for any malfunctioning.
  17. The water from Cane River should be bought to Panna.
  18. Ensure the safe drinking water and make available of water for Panna district from Cane River.
  19. Appropriate displacement of villagers from Panna Tiger reserve forest.
  20. Proper implementation of Act related to Schedule Tribe and people living in forest area they get benefit under Forest Right Act 2006 and 2008. Efforts should be taken by Village, Block, and District level community for demanding their rights.
  21. Provision of job guarantee, those who have completed 100 days works.

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  • 1. Madhya Pradesh « All India People’s Manifesto  |  29/04/2009 को 11:36

    […] Panna […]

  • 2. Prince Manchanda  |  12/11/2009 को 11:05

    I would like to have some information from you regarding the farming in Panna Dist. Madhya Pradesh.

    It will be really great if you can provide me information on the under mention points:

    1). What are the variety of trees can be cultivated.
    2). About Amla Breed (H7 & H10)
    3). Does Madhya Pradesh Government give incentive for doing farming or providing employment to farmers.
    4). What are the options of tree we can plant in Panna which give benefit to people
    5). What is the Farming Establishment Structure (like people required to run farm house)


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