Periyakulam Charter:

30/04/2009 at 11:58 1 टिप्पणी

Periyakulam Charter:

  1. Just wages should be given for all types of work.
  2. Essential goods should be available at an affordable price to the poor.
  3. Public distribution system (Ration Shops) whatever is distributed to be of good quality. There should be no corruption in these places.
  4. Public services like transport, sanitation, etc… All these facilities should be made available to the people and the money allotted for these things should be made use in a proper way for that purpose.
  5. In Government Hospital, bribing should be stopped for all categories of staff and doctors should function with commitment and full time. No private practice should be allowed for government hospital doctors.
  6. Following family line for top posts in the political parties to be avoided.
  7. Unnecessary expenses towards the election campaigning, canvassing should be stopped.
  8. War in Srilanka should be stopped.
  9. Power Cuts to be minimized. Electricity shortage to be seen to.
  10. Government Schemes should reach the people properly and not the rich enjoying the benefit of it. Bribe and corruption should be stopped specially in receiving the Government Schemes allotted for the poor.
  11. Don’t give things freely (Example: TV, Gas connection, etc.) instead give employment to those who are educated.
  12. Proper schemes which are helpful and necessary for the people should be planned and implemented.
  13. Democracy should be really committed to practice and not just an illusion.

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