Tezpur Charter:

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Tezpur  Charter:

Implement schemes for the Agricultural Development—

  1. Take up steps for Agricultural Development. Set up irrigation facilities and make available water pumps in the paddy fields which will enable the farmers to cultivate thrice in a year.
  2. Provide Training to the farmers to cultivate their land using the modern technology.
  3. Introduce improved seeds.

Provide enough infrastructures for transport development:

  1. Proper linkage of the village roads to the highways.
  2. Construct and mend all the bridges and pools.
  3. Construct concrete roads and lanes to connect one village to another.
  4. Provide for proper and hygienic market place.

Maintain Separate Budget for the BPL families:

  1. Proper implementation of IAY and form a committee to oversee the schemes for BPL families.
  2. Provide minimum requirements such as rice, sugar, Kerosene to the families under BPL.
  3. Give preference to the BPL families in getting the benefit of NREGA.
  4. Provide electricity to each and every family.
  5. Compulsory provision is to be made for safe drinking water and toilet with full government assistant for the families under BPL.

Give emphasis on girl child education:

  1. Provide free and compulsory education to the girl Child of BPL families upto class x.
  2. Reduction of admission fee for the girl child for BPL families for higher secondary and post graduate education.

Health and women:

  1. Give special emphasis on women health.
  2. In time of pregnancy, necessary nutrition should be provided to the women of poor families.
  3. Management of tea gardens should strictly be instructed not to employ the pregnant women in hazardous jobs also implement special provisions for their health.
  4. Provide quality medical service and keep the hospitals clean and disinfected.
  5. Implement schemes to reduce the major diseases such as Malaria, Typhoid etc.
  6. Provide good drinking water facility in each and every village.

Separate provisions for the youth:

  1. Implement Scheme for the growth of small scale industry.
  2. Implementation of technical education in the schools.
  3. Make available computer in schools and provide compulsory education on Basic computer course to the students of higher standards.
  4. Provide subsidy loan to the capable youth for their entrepreneurship development.
  5. Recruit the youth in various posts as per the qualification required.
  6. Implement Scholarship schemes for meritorious students.
  7. Strict monitoring mechanism with power to the women SHG groups to see the activities of Anganwadi centers /ASHA workers and the NREGA Committee.

Tea Plantation Labour Act

  1. Strict implementations of Plantation Labour Act 1956 in all tea gardens and provide the national level minimum wage to the workers with all other provisions given in the plantation Labour Act 1956.
  2. Provide employment to the tea workers.
  3. Strengthen the SHG groups by providing various trainings on fishery, bee keeping, poultry farming, food processing etc. and help them to market the same.

Modernize the Agriculture University.


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Autonomous District Charter: Jorhat Charter:

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