Cuttack Charter:

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Cuttack Charter:

Silver filigree works :

  1. Cuttack city as remains commercial, cultural, arts, crafts, industrial sencession, it requires developments in world famous silver filigree works to capture its name in fold as silver city. The crafts men in this traditional work shall be sensitize and their craftsmanship to be built with up gradation of modern skills. Further a strong market linkage to be established with creation of C.F.C(s) ( common facility centres ).

Textile :

  1. Similarly the other part of the district like Baramba, Narsinghpur & Tigiria where traditional waver families are residing should be backed with different Govt. development programms to enrich them for their livelihood support. For the cluster development activities through S.G.S.Y, SSG movement, P.R support.
  2. The Handloom Industry of the area engaged the largest number of women workers. In fact the whole household gets engaged particularly in pre-loom and post-loom process. Weaver’s wife spends more time on loom utilising magic charm of her creativity to weave exquisite patterns like khandua, Tarabali and Naba Kothari etc. It needs women empowerment for further development of the handloom work. The Handloom fabrics of the area is a perfect blend of “TRADITION AND TECHNOLOGY”.

Agriculture :

  1. Cuttack district is well irrigated and canalised area. Famous canal like Taldanda and high level are irrigated the entire district. But our farmers are very much accustomed with traditional crops like paddy, biri, muga and some vegetable ( seasonable ). They should be trained in modern technologies with new pattern of agricultural activities like, floriculture, pisceculture, mushroom cultivation etc. It need further developmental programmes for setting up co-operative cold storages at every block, sabjimandi at every G.P headquarter, vending zone at district and sub division headquarter by the Govt. and other corporate sectors under P.PP ( Public, private, partnership ).

Education :

  1. Cuttack has the higher literacy status in the state. But no systematic and standardise education pattern is followed, for which the English medium private educational institutions are mushrooming in the city and other parts. It should be controlled and bring them into one system for betterment of both affluent and non affluent families with less expenses and fees.

Health and Hygine :

  1. Cuttack has its glory for SCB medical college which caters the need of the city, district, state and beyond the state boundary. The SCB medical college should be developed as a centre of excellence. But other parts of the district has short fall even lack of minimum health services. Therefore all the sub-centres, PHC, CHC, DHH must be equipped with medics, medicines, machines, laboratories and infrastructures under I.P.H standard within a stipulated time period by the Govt., Private sector, Corporate sectors.

Natural calamities :

  1. History says Cuttack has experienced every year with devastated cyclone and flood. Several thousands of inhabitants are facing countless problems and sufferings. Large numbers are becoming home less. We demand immediate action by setting up cyclone shelters, relief camps, water transport systems to cater above difficulties. Cuttack M.P and MLA(s) should priorities such expenditure under the MP’s LAD. Banki , which faces the flurry of Mahanadi should receive a special package to end the perennial problem.

Culture :

  1. Cuttack has rich cultures. The oddissi dance, ramlila, various famous yatra like baliyatra, paradeep mahoschhaba, kalinga festival to be encouraged by the district and state authorities. Cuttack’s ancient theatres like Arnapurna. Janata, Kalasri mandap, Kalabikash Kendra shall be developed and all types of artist shall be financially supported by State Govt. to spread their cultural activities.


  1. With diminishing habitat, there has been intrusion of wild animals into human territory causing great damage. Monkeys in Banki area has been causing loss of property & causing injury to humans. The forest department should take immediate measures to create proper habitat for them & limit their reproduction to mitigate the problem.


  1. Cuttack has many rivers & the same cause lot of flood. Plantation in the river deltas & also in the city will help the people. A special programme to promote environment to mitigate natural disasters be made compulsory in the constituency.


  1. Cuttack city is bounded by rivers from all sides. Cuttack has both outdoor & indoor stadiums of Orissa. It would be most appropriate to promote water sports in Jobra barrage to add to the sporting infrastructure of the city.
  2. We hope above manifestos of the Cuttack people shall be highlighted to attract the elected representative for immediate action.

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Koraput Charter: Valmikinagar

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