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49 टिप्पणियाँ Add your own

  • 1. Leander  |  04/03/2009 को 07:57

    i want an india where i can get health care publically provided.

  • 2. Lokesh  |  04/03/2009 को 10:23

    i want the goverment to take responsibility for the people and fulfil the promises they made to us

  • 3. Vasanthkumar Mysoremath  |  08/03/2009 को 04:37

    We do not need so many parties. They are confusing the common man about their real intentions as to why they
    want to serve us. We are paying taxes for not getting
    services; there should be transparency and accountability in spending public money. Bring in electoral reforms to ensure selection of candidates with minimum qualification, no criminal or no corruption backgrounds.
    Vasanthkumar Mysoremath
    Mysore, Karnataka

  • 5. Vasanthkumar Mysoremath  |  08/03/2009 को 11:15

    Citizens must remember that like they have rights they also have duties and responsibilities. When rights are claimed why there is complacency and callousness in discharging duties and responsibilities?
    Do not backstab democracy, voting is your duty ensures majority voters rule.

  • 6. L.p. Semwal  |  09/03/2009 को 14:09

    I want a Govt. who realy realise and accept the constitutional pride “WE THE PEOPLE” have actual power through our organisational set up.

  • 7. Nachiketa Patnaik  |  11/03/2009 को 05:16

    It said the police is the reflection of the society.The common man is living a life of curse in this country,the voice of the common man remains unheard.It is not uncommon for a common man that he is not misbehaved by the police if he doesnt go with a recomendation or reference.Police is polite & courtious with politicians,media,lawers or criminals in this country.Even a constable who is at par to a peon in any government job doesnt miss a chance to misbehave with an educated person.Educated people tend to stay miles away from police or even complain,that is the reason why many of the crime go unregistered.This is one of the key issues where we need to seriously look upon.

  • 8. Amita Samant  |  11/03/2009 को 15:29

    Its high time the government aims at the following –
    1. Education for each and every child of the country
    2. Provision of adequate health facilities in every village
    3. Through legal action bar customs that lead to oppression of women. For example the devdasi system or injustice of any kind to widows.
    4. Reform legal strucure to bring speedy justice

  • 9. Priya Gopalen  |  11/03/2009 को 17:05

    I want everyone’s right to adequate housing to be respected and assured – safe water, decent sanitation, decent waste removal and an end to evictions. I want all basic services – including education, health, water and sanitation – of decent quality to be provided as rights not privileges.

  • 10. Mayur  |  11/03/2009 को 18:32

    1. No Discrimination on caste, with equal rights for everyone.
    2. Water and electricity in the interiors of the country.
    3. Right to education and removal of child labour.
    4. Very harsh punishments for the the terrorists and enemies of the nation living in the nation like Afzal Guru.

  • 11. Tony Stanley  |  11/03/2009 को 18:33

    Promote innovation to develop a globally competitive India

  • 12. dhruv  |  12/03/2009 को 05:40

    india is only the nation which has different religions under one roof and one belief that we r one so to do something which can remove poverty terrisom unemployment and on top forceing our leaders to do their work with loyalty and education for every single child

  • 13. Vijay Samant  |  13/03/2009 को 00:21

    For any devlopment to happen we should try and eliminate corruption and this could happen only by eliminating and taking strict action aganist corrupt officials, politicians.
    The funds given by goverment for any infrastructure growth projects should be monitoried so that it is utilized for the given purpose .

  • 14. vinod N  |  13/03/2009 को 04:06

    Criminals and undertrails should not be given a ticket to contest in any constituency. All the policiticians convicted in any crime should be banned from any type of politics.

    • 15. Nachiketa Patnaik  |  18/03/2009 को 19:01

      Agreed fully to what u say!
      But who will rule the country then?
      Who will the police listen to?Bec police in this country listen only to influential powerful history sheeters,criminals or media.
      Then if undertrials & criminals r baared then ther will be an acute shortage of people in politics of today.

  • 16. bikash choudhury  |  13/03/2009 को 06:27

    A Ten Point Manifesto by the People

    Political parties would draw up 100 page manifesto high on ideals and low on practical implementation due to political expediency. The document mostly used as base document for political leaders to shower speeches to attract crowd in their public meetings and impress them to vote for their party; however, the Voters and the Leaders, both forget the contents of manifesto soon after election otherwise this country would have been free from poverty and malnutrition, if just ten percent of manifesto had been implemented by the ruling parties both at the State and Central Govt in last 60 years. Public memory is short and expectation still shorter because they allow themselves to be influenced by a short drink or a sumptuous feast on the eve of election date. Voters in rural areas do not realize how expensive their votes for their own welfare. Citizens pay taxes to run the govt. and voters select representative to manage the govt. on their behalf for five years. If voter select their representative keeping their own welfare in mind without unnecessarily influenced by money or muscle power on the D day ie., date of election, they stand to get Leaders of their choice to look after their well being for five long years. This would be one of the most lucrative bargains they can drive from election. Voters can sacrifice cost of a meal to choose a good leader and make him win, if need be, for the betterment of their family and the country. They must demand for a brief and practical manifesto from all political parties and decide to vote after carefully evaluating the manifesto and the candidate in the larger interest of the country and its billion people.

    A 10 point Manifesto by the People, for the People and of the People:

    A Judicial system that can render justice
    in reasonable time frame. [Within Six Months]

    A Police Administration to maintain law and order,
    Security of life and property for all citizens. [Within Twelve Months]

    An Educational system which Generate self awareness,
    Build confidence and develop the unique personality
    of each student and help him become a job creator
    and not a job seeker. [Within Eighteen Months]

    A new Agriculture policy that guarantees
    Farmer a support price that covers production cost and a
    Normal profit to remain in agriculture business. [Within Twenty Four Months]

    A policy for private and public partnership
    to provide for Bijli, Sadak and Pani of reasonable
    quality on market determined pricing. [Within Thirty Months]

    A policy to create country wide one
    Single market. [Within Thirty Six Months]

    A policy to integrate the logistic industry
    Road-Rail-Waterway-Air for Goods &
    Passengers to reduce Average Cost of Logistic
    For a competitive economy. [Within Forty Two Months]

    To clean all the Rivers and other
    Water bodies in the country. [Within Forty Eight Months]

    To develop all four metros into
    World class green city free from slums. [Within Fifty Four Months]

    Law for transparent Private & Public funding
    of Political Parties and Political Leaders to [Within Sixty Months]
    check parallel economy.

  • 17. Shailendra  |  13/03/2009 को 13:27

    Eliminate Poverty – Hunger kills millions each year
    Environmental protection and recovery
    Free Education for all
    Free Health-care for all
    Housing for all
    Meet Millenium Development Goal
    Improve standing in Human Development Index

  • 18. Md. Sahidullah  |  14/03/2009 को 02:26

    Education in all aspects should be given the first preference. My request do’nt increase the number of IITs or IIMs or IIScs. Improve the basic education quality, keep provision for giving moral education, upgrade the way of learning. You will see that every thing will be affected. and this process will give valuable effect to our society.
    With Besh Wishes
    Md. Sahidullah

    • 19. satya  |  16/03/2009 को 05:58

      u r right. but v have only 5 small year term g.
      it is quick money days. fast food days.
      nothing will wait.
      hit and run is the policy of politicos.
      live with whatever it is however it is- so is public.

  • 20. Anjana Saxena  |  15/03/2009 को 07:51

    1.Remove the ‘chalta hai”attitude.Put your heart in all you do and not all in your pocket.Be making roads or cleaning garbage dumps.
    2. We have a beautiful country and lets project it so to any one visiting it. It has to be a combined effort.
    3. Severest punishment to any one relieving oneself in public.Get the help of Police if required.
    4.Accountability at all levels-Netas and babus to the lowest level of safai karamchari.

    • 21. Nachiketa Patnaik  |  18/03/2009 को 19:29

      Reforms in education & a communist form of governance is the need of the hour.Where the government should be most powerful to implement laws & make the people follow it,because the laws & rules are for the normal citizens,not the rich & the powerful in this country.
      Untill & unless there is equality to all,what sort of freedom are we celebrating?
      If you are rich & famous you can change laws as per your desired requirement! POTA act can change.
      You can kill innocent people sleeping on footpaths & still go scot free..if u have money.
      Did u ever hav a chance to interact with a cop as a normal citizen?Even a constable (at par to a peon) speaks crap to a normal citizen,but not to a media guy or who is influential.

  • 22. Ajith  |  15/03/2009 को 08:17

    As far as I see , the root cause of Poverty is – the exploding population. The Government must come up with awareness programmes to teach the common man about how a small family is a happy family and also just launching the programme is alone not enough but the whole campaign itself needs to be carried out vigourously like the Pulse Polio Programme which has been a successful one carried out by various Governments.
    The next big thing is Education.Providing free Education to the people Below Poverty Line or BPL will definitely help them to gain knowledge about the things that are happening around them and also it will allow them to lead their lives Independently rather than depend on others for their survival . Good jobs are based on good education hence both Jobs and Education are interlinked .

    The Government needs to create more jobs for the people ,for this , more and more industries needs to be established in various sectors.They need to keep a tab on the count of students passing out from colleges which will in turn help the govt to plan for the future .

    The foremost thing is of course, providing shelter to the people living below BPL , so my suggestion is , the government can build houses for the poor .If the government can build houses for the people who lost their homes due to tsunami then it can take it as a separate scheme for building houses for the poor.
    The government need not wait for a disaster to strike for starting such schemes like building homes for the poor.Along with the houses , water , electricity , subsidised rated food and also other basic amenities has to be provided .

    An appeal to the major corporates who are investing heavily on the players or the various teams or tournaments by way of advertisements or endorsements , if you divert at least a 25% percentage of the total money invested into helping the poor people then India will be a country without beggars or poverty.

    Coming back to Education , Population , Shelter or Jobs , all are interlinked . The Government can have a better planning over creation of jobs , providing shelter , education or better healthcare if there is a controlled growth of population rather than a Population Explosion.

  • 23. Parimal  |  16/03/2009 को 09:38

    I start with asking you a question: Do we really understand the problems of the disabled? The shameful yet the most correct answer is no. In our country, where vote-bank politics is rampant, almost all minority groups have managed a variety of sops for themselves. The disabled, however, have remained a hidden minority deprived of the basic needs, which even the most disadvantaged take for granted. Our leaders are painfully ignorant that the disabled barely enjoy the fundamental rights guaranteed by the Constitution, may be they assume that this 5 percent of the 1 billion does not exist et-all. Why should they exist, they do not vote the pot bellied politicians to power; right?

    To illustrate, let us consider just three fundamentals rights: right to education, right to employment and right to full social living. Do the disabled have free access to schools and universities? No answers needed. Now tell me, How many principals of “leading” schools will be willing to admit a 10-year-old on a wheel chair? Nine out of ten would probably suggest that such a child should take tuition at home. Thus, when the foundation itself is weakened, the chances of future employment are minimized anyway. That’s, simple logic. Let us be honest. When you think of employment for the disabled, what are the jobs that come to your mind? Do you visualize a disabled person behind a CEO’s desk in multinational company, as a radio jockey at a leading station or even as a professor at a prestigious university? Most unlikely. You will probably think of a peon, a sitting job mechanic or a petty shop owner. The reality is close to this!!!!!

    The bias against the disabled is strongly embedded in our social psyche, making it all the more difficult for the person to equip himself to live normally; especially so in India, where a person’s physical handicap is often equated with the sins he or his forefathers may have committed. A disabled person is usually haunted by references to his previous birth at home, among relatives, at places of work and even at the “temples of learning”. Where education and employment remain a distant dream, to think of normal social living appears comical. People ‘may’ grant a disabled person some serious attention when he talks of schooling or employment but talk of his dating, marriage, going to a disco or for a walk(wheel) down the aisle; and it has most in giggles. They are the “unnecessary things” that can be banished from the lives of the special.

    Broadly speaking, there exist two schools of thought in respect of settings in which education may be imparted to children with disabilities. Those favoring a special school system argue that it is only in special settings that children with disabilities can get quality education, adequate attention and all the required facilities; and that too in an appropriate atmosphere with a level playing field and without feeling excluded in the crowd of non-disabled children. Such settings ensure that the children with disabilities are able to keep pace with the class unlike in the so-called integrated/inclusive settings.

    Contrary to the above view, the exponents of integrated/inclusive settings attack the special school system vehemently on the ground that such a system tends to ghetto-ise children with disabilities. Strongly favoring the idea of working towards creating an inclusive, barrier-free, and rights-based society, they assert that a vast majority of children with disabilities can be accommodated within the regular school settings, and hence, in an inclusive environment, with some adaptations. In any event, a child with a disability is essentially and primarily a child first and a child with a disability only next. Besides, they argue that the cost of setting up special schools is highly prohibitive.

    In the first place, it is critical to recognise that promoting inclusion in all spheres of life is non-negotiable. Therefore, inclusion in education, in order to be effective and meaningful, must happen at all levels of the entire education process-viz., at the curriculum development level, at the teaching learning level, at the infrastructure development level, and at the school management level, at the examination and evaluation etc. Piecemeal inclusion is no inclusion. It has got to be all-pervasive.

    Although inclusion is primarily a goal, to my humble way of thinking, it is also a process. All the progressive international instruments including the UN Convention on The Rights of Persons with Disabilities place an all-out emphasis on participation of persons with disabilities in all spheres of life; and no such participation is possible without inclusion. Inclusion is a precondition to participation.

    To my mind, inclusion must be an all-pervasive phenomenon. However, given the prevailing realities, the so-called special schools will continue to play an important role for a long time to come. In my view, these schools can and should promote inclusion. Besides, our emphasis must be on imparting quality education to children with disabilities in an appropriate environment. Let us utilise the special schools in promoting inclusion rather than making such schools a casualty in the name of inclusion. Thus, inclusion should be understood and defined in proper perspective.

    The bottom-line is that disability has never been a Rights issue for anyone in India . Whatever has been granted to the disabled has been as though doling out alms. And, services made available to the handicapped sporadically have been subject to the “mercy” of the existing political and the bureaucratic machinery from time to time. This has led to irregular and indifferent services being provided as a token of charity rather than as a matter of right.

    Recently, how could I forget to quote this, certain visually handicapped people were successful in ‘convincing’ the Supreme Court that the sightless should be allowed to take the examinations for the civil services. It is another matter that they have still not been able to convince the ministry for petroleum and natural gas that sightless persons can successfully run gas agencies. The ministry’s logic is that the “danger would be too great”.It is sheer apathy towards the problems of the disabled that it elicits such ridiculous, horrible and unjustified responses from the keepers of our society. This indifference is directly related to the fact that the disabled have been unable to forge a powerful coalition. Why, I refer to recent examples from history- Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar did his bit for people who now dream of leading this country(Mayawati is almost there),Ganghiji led his charge for the harijans and more recently the Women’s Bill is all ready to play its legitimate in bringing the fairer sex, if not more, but atleast at par with the men.

    At least, not yet.Without a visible leadership, the Indian disability movement will continue to remain unnoticed. It is time the disabled defined their identity and marked their presence. If necessary, they be ready to parade instead of being closeted.

  • 24. kokila lokesh  |  18/03/2009 को 12:11

    I feel that younger generation -who are willing to contest in the election should be given more importance.If a person has to be selected for a party,he/she should be asked 1.What has you contributed in the past to society?
    2.What will you work against for and contribute to the society?
    3.Do you have criminal background? Then please back out.

    • 25. Nachiketa Patnaik  |  03/04/2009 को 18:22

      What has been ur contribution to the society so far?
      Can u justify ur stand?
      How aware r u as far as the democratic system is concerned?
      Its not just because u r a youngster u shud b given a chance?
      Do u feel u have the adequate competency to what u desire?
      Hav u ever raised ur voice against any evil that has happend infront of u,so far in ur lif?
      Che guevera said..I” dont think u & i are closely related but if u r capable of trembling with indigination each that an injustice is commited in the world we are comrades”.And thats more important.

  • 26. samhita  |  20/03/2009 को 15:08

    I want the new government to be corruption free, democratic, gender just and ecologically sensitive

  • 28. GSingh  |  22/03/2009 को 14:24

    Though many ^demands* are scewed stil the effort is laudable and the process is healthy.

  • 29. V.KUMAR  |  23/03/2009 को 04:24

    “Yatha Praja, thatha raja” – this is the tragedy of free India. We were treated as third grade citizens by British and that slavish mentality commandeered, now, by politicians is continuing. Immediately after independence, we were led by a certain set of leaders who had peoples’ good in their mind and heart and wanted India to be a country with a solid foundation laid by the people, of the people and for the people. But today, we are ruled by rogue corrupt politicians, jumping jacks, criminals, hoarders, cheats and all this because people became complacent and allowed them to rule us with lethal lies, white lies, black lies, half truths about good governance etc.
    Now is the time to effect a correction on war footing during this election of 2009. Every citizen must think and exercise his franchise with a holistic thoughts not influenced by various kinds of -isms that are haunting our decaying political system. We cannot wish away bad politicians because we have allowed them to flourish; they have become necessary evils. There is a palpable awareness in the young minds and it is time for them to correct the past mistakes because their thoughts have not been corrupted and they are aware of their responsibilities. SO, LET US VOTE TO THE LEAST CRIMINAL.
    Let us get up, walk to the booth, vote for a majority voters rule and for instaling a stable government bereft of dangerous -isms and then we will think about a manifesto of what is good for us and include them for the sake of our present and future generations.
    This AIDS (Alarmingly Infected Democratic System) is curable with your vote vaccine.
    Mysore, Karnataka

  • 30. neha choudhary  |  23/03/2009 को 06:38

    I want a developed india.Why cann’t Ratan Tata be the primeminister of inida?

  • 31. neha choudhary  |  23/03/2009 को 06:40

    I want a developed india.
    Why cann’t Ratan Tata be the primeminister of inida?
    He,Kalam…there are many other people who deserve….

    • 32. Nachiketa Patnaik  |  23/03/2009 को 19:09

      Every one needs a Bhagat Singh today, but at his neighbours place,this is the tragedy of India today.
      We have become so selfish for our ownselves that we are least bothered about what is happening around us.Party with friends on friday in some disc,movie on saturday,rest on sunday.This is the schedule life in cities today.
      When there is a problem on ourself we grumble on the system,rebuke the politicians,bribe & then get going..
      This is a common indian life in any city today..
      Let every one of us take responsibility today to atleast stand against injustice of any manner taking place.
      If we as citizens take moral responsibility of atleast our ownselves for proper conduct then half of the nations problem is solved..

  • 33. INDIAN  |  27/03/2009 को 10:53


  • 34. Dr. SC Talwar  |  30/03/2009 को 08:42

    Illiterate have neither access to English nor the computer. Unless they are involved through vocal and written campaigns in Hindi, they shall continue to throw up illiterates and criminals and all our campaigns on the net shall stand defeated. Jay Ho!

  • 35. Sameer Goyal  |  30/03/2009 को 12:37

    I have read may people demanding Free Health Care, Free education etc etc. Nothing comes for free my dear. When you look upon other nations where these basic things are free, please try and look at their TAX slabs. Government can only afford all this when it has that kind of an earning.

    Although, in India, most of the public tax money goes to the pockets of the politicians or the beaurocrats, we still are a long way away from the ideal scenario.

    In India, less than 4% of the eligible tax payers pay their taxes that too after saving a lot by inesting here and there.

    It is not only politicians or the system that has to improve. We, as citizens of this great nation, have to improve more.

    Why can’t we stand in queues to get our things done, instead of paying bribes?
    Why don;t we follow rules, even when they are as simple as stopping at the RED light in the traffic?
    Why can’t we stop spitting on the roads or the public property. WHyc an’t we take care of the public property which we know if demolished or mal-handled with, will need our hard earned money for setting up back?

    Lets become responsible citizens first and the politicians will have no choice but to improve.

  • 36. Sameer Goyal  |  30/03/2009 को 12:40


    I wish to know whether anyone is aware of anything like ‘I vote for Nobody’ clause in our election rules?

    There have been too many emails making rounds describing this clause or right with us as a voter.

    If this is true then we have the ultimate power in hand to refuse to vote of any tainted politician.

    Anyone, if have information about this, please make everyone aware.

    • 37. कौतुक  |  04/04/2009 को 04:53

      Not yet. Do you think our politicians will give this power to us?

    • 38. Vasanthkumar Mysoremath  |  05/04/2009 को 08:41

      There is a demand for affixing the X mark with ‘None of the above’ choice. But this does not appear to be a right choice.
      What happens if ‘none of the above’ gets the maximum marking? Will re-elections be held to get the right candidate? If again, the same candidates contest, will it not amount to waste of public money?
      Instead, let us demand electoral reforms, include a condition in the affidavit to the filed by every candidate with the following clause:

      “If I,….. candidate for…. election, do hereby solemnly affirm and state on oath and I will not indulge in napotism, corruption, hate politics, communal feelings, will uphold secularism as my sacred duty and


      This will give us a handle to ensure that our vote is not cornered by an unscrupulous person.

  • 39. कौतुक  |  04/04/2009 को 05:02

    I want only few things from government for citizens.

    01. Free, Efficient and easy-to-reach medical care (including medicines).
    02. Free education till post graduation for everyone.
    03. Electricity for all rural and urban area. Free for irrigation.
    04. Telephone lines to all rural and urban area. Not like 1000 phone connection for 1,00,000 people.
    05. Good roads across the nation.
    06. People friendly police.
    07. Only one secondary education board across India.
    08. All Government employees under three-tier appraisal system.
    09. Two or three policital parties only.
    10. Secure minority, appease majority.

  • 40. Kishore  |  04/04/2009 को 08:09

    Fixing Public Servants’ Liabilities/Penalties

    Our public servants like our babus, administrative officers and all government employees, may have their jobs defined, but no penalty is defined if one fails to do one’s job.
    Take for example, the responsibility to ensure that manholes covers are back in place when workers leave the manhole, or it is well cordoned-off. If a manhole is left open and someone dies by falling in it, who is to face the charge, and what charge? Negligence of duty? And Punishment if any, fine? Is that a detterent enough for the workers to cover the manhole and the officer above them to ensure this?
    When a person dies in accident because of lack of indicators and light on a diversion on road, again who is to blame?
    This has gone far enough. These officials need to be told that they will be branded MURDERER and treated as such, if such lapses are allowed.
    There has been no study/debate on fixing such loopholes as these laws/rules are made by these very people and they are naturally interested in keeping fixing of responsibilty very vague so that no one is punished and people keep suffering and paying with their lives for carelessness of these officials.
    When the people like DC, who are responsible for running the city, fail to take any initiative for betterment of civic facilities in his/her tenure, is he/she ever taken to task, ever demoted, ever penalized? NO! Why? Because there is no such law that punishes you for not doing your duty. They can keep doing nothing and still keep enjoying all the ruling power and money all their life. Can you allow this system to contniue? You will, if you vote without asking your leader to promise to change this. Wake Up, DON’T Vote, just like that. See through the trap by these advertising companies and parties. They want you to remain a slave to them all your life under the grab of promises of better facilities/religion.

  • 41. N. Rajeaswar  |  06/04/2009 को 09:46

    Energy is the biggest problem what India and the World will face in 5 years. To save energy, All geysers at home should be converted to solar. All cars like nano and entry models should be converted to EV backed up by solar. LPG will come to an end in next 5 years. We need to migrate to Induction stove with appropriate cooking ware.

    98% travel of people is waste ( in cities ) All IT and related jobs can work from home and save 98% of fuel. US has to start this motion.

    More of this is listed in my blog.

    We need to Migrate to Global Village with less transport, thereby we will save energy.

  • 42. N.A.Shah Ansari  |  09/04/2009 को 17:11

    Do political parties have any agenda for Youth ?

    Youth constitutes about 40 percent the total population of the country. It is always said that youths are the growth engine of the country. They are supposed to be the driving force of the national vehicle as it the young energy which is put into work to achieve national objectives. While youths have so much contribution toward the development of the society, has it ever created space for adequate debate about the problems/difficulties the youths are facing? The question is whether the youths are only used as machines to implement the decision taken by the existing political and social order heavily dominated by the elders or the youths are actually provided enough opportunities toward exploring their own strength and weakness and accordingly tune themselves toward actualization. Whether the youths have space for taking independent decisions in the spheres they work or they have to be satisfied only becoming a follower? Starting from the difficulty in getting suitable education, which has of late become too costly to afford, the growing unemployment and underemployment, the youths are to go through constant uncertainties in their career and have to face hurdles in each step s/he climbs in the ladder toward a bright future. In this struggle may be only a few of them climb to the level where s/he realizes its full potential, but many falter-in rural, semi-rural and urban areas.

    Let’s put simple questions and try to get their answers:
    · What is the proportion of youth candidates those are given tickets by in each of the political party in the election?
    · How much budgetary allocation is made for the youths in the national and state budgets?
    · Are there suitable policy which comprehensibly visualizes the wholesome development of the youths in terms of his/her physical mental, intellectual and aspiration aspects?
    · Is there any process where the opinions of then youths are taken while shaping the policies affecting the youths like educational policies, policies relating to Youth development in real sense, generation of employment etc?

    The discontent among the youths are on rise and it need to have a socio-economic and political solution which can be addressed better with the active involvement of youths in the real decision making process. Therefore there should be continuous discussion and follow up action carried out on thousand of problems faced by the youths. It will not only generate awareness among all but also helpful in putting pressure on the establishment toward addressing the same.
    Since all the political parties are gearing up toward facing the elections to be held in mid-April onward, “Youth Matters”- a collective effort of youth, is initiating this debate on “Who is thinking about Youth ?” to question the political parties to share their stand on the matters of the youth. This is also to understand the differences among the political parties when it comes to the affairs of the youth and what are the specific plans of action of each political party, if they are voted for the office.

    It is expected that this debate will initiate and mainstream the matters of youth and shall bring the focus of all the political parties towards it.
    Your active participation in this debate will show a new light for tomorrows.

    Let’s have debate & do something for the Youth.

    N.A.Shah Ansari, Konark
    Jitendra Rath, Bhubaneswar
    Sameet Panda, Nuapada
    Pradip Baisakh, Bhubaneswar
    Kumuda C. Satapathy,Deogarh
    Santosh Pradhan, Puri
    Jagdish Mishra, Badamba, Cuttack
    Biswanath Sahoo, Puri
    Manoj K. Tripathy ( National Youth Awardee), Puri
    Romeo Mohapatra, Raurkela,Sundargarh
    Sarbeswar M.M. Mohapatra, Chhatrapur,Ganjam
    Durga P. Tripathy (National Youth Awardee), Tulasipur,Puri
    Sisir K. Satapathy, Dhenkanal
    Bikash Ranjan Behera (Indira Gandhi NSS Awardee), Baripada, Mayurbhanj
    Mamata Raj (Indira Gandhi NSS Awardee), Balasore
    R. Sunanda Chowdhury (Indira Gandhi NSS Awardee), Bhubaneswar
    Subhalaksmi Jena, Bhubaneswar
    Sanjiv Ghosh, Baripada, Mayurbhanj
    Chandi Prasad Patnaik, Puri
    Himansu Bhusan, Bhubaneswar
    Sukanta Pradhan, Bhubaneswar
    Rusi Patnaik (National Youth Awardee), Bhubaneswar
    Rajkishore Pradhan, Deogarh
    Biswajeet Dash, Chhatisgarh
    Subash Mohapatra, Raipur, Chhatisgarh
    & others from Youth matters.

  • 43. Santhosh Min B  |  09/04/2009 को 17:55

    Change in the political sense is the process of understanding the wisdom passed down to us through generations and the effective application of these to present situations. The goal is to empower and enrich lives of many and bring about harmonious living.

    The Green Manifesto:

    This manifesto does not claim to be a comprehensive statement on the present situation of our country or the city from where this is being written. It however tries to summarize the various aspects of today’s living that needs to become the topics for debate in the political arena so that there is greater coherence and means to address these issues.

    We became a Republic on 26 January 1950. Our constitution had very clearly laid down the basic tenets of our Democracy. There have also been 96 amendments to spruce up the constitution so that there is a wider scope for its interpretation and application. The basic freedoms granted in the constitution are similar to ones in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights adopted by the United Nations General Assembly on 10 December 1948. The basis of any development or progress should therefore be governed by a greater view on the effective discharge of those freedoms.

    Sound, air and water pollution are real threats that the present generation face and it will have a bearing on the fate of our country and the Earth. The advent of certain technologies has adversely affected the soil too. The only certainty is that there will be a change in the climate. Our city will see a 2.5 degrees rise in temperature in the next 40 years. This is based on the 1 degree increase we have seen in the past 30 years. Climate change is therefore an irreversible process. We have to therefore modify our behavior so that we can adapt to these adverse changes and thereby lessen its impact on us. If not future generations will have to bear the brunt of those harsh climates.

    Threat to food security was not resolved by green revolution. It only had a temporary effect on the improvement of food security. Farmers have already faced the ill-effects of the indiscriminate use of pesticides, insecticides and chemical fertilizers. Today they are coming back to natural methods of farming. Organic agriculture and zero farming are gaining grounds. We need to revitalize this concept so that farmers can become self sufficient and come out of the drudgery of incessant expenditure without equitable profits. Farmer suicides must end and we should be able to stop the migration of poor people from the farmlands to the cities in order to find work and make a living. They are not only traumatized by the loss of their lively hood but have to live in dreaded unhygienic conditions in the cities. We should therefore stem this flow and try to realize the India that Gandhiji had dreamt about. Also environmental safeguards should not be compromised for short term goals. All industries, businesses and households should act responsibly towards the environment and bring greater transparency into our actions so that we can be accountable for our actions and prevent the destruction of nature.

    In the cities today due to population pressure there is a demand for greater amenities, wider roads, flyovers and underpasses. There is also a greater need to decrease the time for commuting and better ways to travel. The indiscriminate and reactive infrastructure development models will not only add to the chaos in cites but will also destroy the basis of our development i.e. the flourishing of trade, commerce and industry. The only way to address these would be through a very rigorous consultative method where all people concerned are involved in the planning and implementation which should be driven by a consensus plan of action so that the objectives are not only met but also have a positive impact for the future. We should therefore be vigilant in applying the right means to meet the ends in urban town planning. It should be futuristic and should have a strong vision and not adversely affect the future citizens of the city. We should encourage low cost housing thereby reducing the dependence on vital resources which in turn can save the planet. The green housing schemes should be subsidized so that industry and companies can also adopt the energy efficient models and make sure that we have a well balanced growth. Most importantly all infrastructure projects should include the existing trees in its development plans. Any deviation from this should be strictly punished. The underlining point therefore is that un-planned development leads to complications to existing problems.

    Health cannot be created by the administration of medicines. It can only be defined as a state without pain or disease combined with a pleasant mind and clear senses. The cause for disease is due to the consumption of foods which cause harm to the body-mind and unpleasant surroundings. At any stage these conscious mistakes should be avoided or naturally diseases will accumulate. The right to life is a fundamental right in our constitution. But ironically there are 2 million maternal deaths in India every year. Government today is not doing enough to prevent this grave anomaly from occurring year after year. The safety of the pregnant mother and provision for safe childbirth should be the priority of every citizen and the Government. There has to be a calculated development model to meet this need. Screening of women who are at high risk for malnutrition, anemia and other symptoms should be undertaken and the risks should be minimized by providing special care. We should also closely monitor all healthcare institutions so that equitable and fair methods are used in resolving common ailments. There should also be greater access to healthcare for the common man at affordable prices. Today we are seeing the sale of spurious drugs in the market. Many of the drugs that are banned in the west have found a thriving market in third world countries, especially in our country. We should therefore prohibit the sale of these banned drugs.

    Equality of status and opportunity is mentioned in the preamble of our constitution and it should be made applicable to man, woman and child in every respect of the word. The public servants should discharge their duties to meet this end without fear or favor. Exploitation of any citizen which is contrary to this right should be dealt with strict punishments and there should be greater access for people to report violations. Corruption and violence are two cancers that have affected our society. The remedy lies in one of our fundamental duties “to cherish and follow the noble ideals which inspired our national struggle for freedom”. Education is the primary tool that can bring about social change and transformation so that all citizens can attain an equal status. But education today has become a commercial enterprise rather than the personality development program that it had intended to fulfill. Universal education without encumbrance is another objective that has been consistently denied to the people of this country. We need to therefore overhaul the education system so that we can set a standard for an education based on equality. This can not only prevent exploitation but can also prevent atrocities against women and crime in general. We should also promote the regional languages so that we can try to protect the diversity that we possess. There has to be a concentrated effort by all concerned to bring about this change.

    Industries should work to fulfill the needs of the people and not the greed of it or its stakeholders. There should be concerted efforts at identifying methods to regulate the free markets so that the economic downturns that we face today are not repeated. Human resources are the most vital resources of the country. Employers should not only apply fair means to develop this resource but it should be done in such a way that there is greater empowerment of the people and the management of this resource achieves its fullest potential. The path of industrialization was embarked upon in the early fifties and we have seen many ups and downs in the past decades. We have also progressed from the early beginnings and stand at a time where we can lead the world to a brighter future. The regulatory apparatus in the present industrial set-up needs to be reviewed so that industry is working for the benefits of humanity. Laws pertaining to work, employment and industrial relations have become unregulated due to the advent of multi national companies and the phenomenon called liberalization. We have to therefore closely monitor rights abuses in the present scenario of economic downturn. We should also review if we need to apply the universal declaration of human rights in such multi national set-ups and make sure that the laws applicable internationally are applied in our country too. In regards to innovation we should strive to achieve efficiency in curbing pollution and resort to practices that are universal and safe.

    Right to freedom of expression is assured in our constitution but it is being denied in the workplaces and public spaces in this country. The fear of wrongful persecution is ever present as divisive forces are running this country. True empowerment will only come if every citizen is free to abide by the laws of the land and do it in the most efficient fashion so that this freedom is respected and adhered to by all especially the people’s representatives. Unfortunately terrorism has taken roots in all the societies of this world. We should therefore start to look at curbing this problem as soon as possible or we may see more maiming and deaths. People who take up arms against the state need to be brought to the national mainstream. We have to therefore devise innovative ideas and methods to set right this problem in the most effective way. The definition of Secularism should therefore change from being “tolerant” to “understanding the faiths of the other”. This is the only way forward. Our country has seen many seers who had walked these magnificent lands, who had propounded this concept of Secularism in every possible way. We need to use this wisdom to transform this country into a prosperous and righteous nation.

    The following are the issues that I would like to specifically mention for the betterment of the constituency:

    1) “Pedestrian First” initiatives to improve accessibility to roads and crossings.
    2) Cycling lanes in all main roads to encourage this form of transport.
    3) Safe drinking water for all the residents.
    4) Pot-hole free roads with better intersection management.
    5) Separation of sewage water from storm water drains.
    6) Improvement of lakes and interconnecting the lakes and water storage tanks so that we can prevent flooding of low lying areas.
    7) Collection and disposal of solid waste with special impetus to develop micro management.
    8) Planting avenue trees, upkeep and maintenance of existing trees.
    9) Correct utilization of the poverty alleviation schemes available to the constituency.
    10) Develop existing playgrounds and adding more playgrounds wherever required.
    11) Restore the city to its earlier glory. Prevent the destruction of trees for Metro Rail especially Lalbaug which is a heritage site.
    12) Public urinals and toilets at all public spaces and commercial establishments.
    13) Eradication of corruption and violence from the city.
    14) Encourage collective representation to prevent abuses at workplace and protect the rights of the employees.
    15) Upgrade the Government run hospitals with latest technology diagnostic tools.
    16) Strict enforcement of rainwater harvesting in high rises so that ground water can be replenished.
    17) Implement community based cancer screening programs for early detection of diseases.
    18) Create opportunities for dialogue in the education sector and in the community so that there is greater participation of people in community development programs and partnership in resolving issues relating to communal harmony and unemployment.

    At the National level I would try to advocate:

    1) A comprehensive Naxalite rehabilitation program along the lines of the Truth and Reconciliation commission that was set-up after the end of the apartheid era in South Africa.
    2) Comprehensive rehabilitation of project affected people especially farmers. A community based approach to rehabilitate whole communities i.e. provide good fertile lands as well as cash for relocation.
    3) Ban all Genetically Modified foods.
    4) Ban all Human trials of untested pharmaceutical products.
    5) Development of alternate/renewable energy sources. Clean energy should replace Thermal and Nuclear power.
    6) Comprehensive Sports development policy with special impetus to develop our national game. Especially hosting a quadrennial clay-field world cup in hockey.
    7) Abolition of capital punishment.
    8) Recognition of the 3rd gender.
    9) Afforestation and reforestation along with recognition of rights of forest dwellers.
    10) Small scale irrigation/ hydroelectric projects should be planned instead of large dams across rivers which cause destruction to the environment and displacement of poor people.
    11) Foreign Direct Investment is not a remedy for the economic problems of our country. We should vigorously work to make our cities habitable so that all the people who have migrated from our country can come back and start enterprises here which will then help us strengthen our economic position free from the global markets.
    12) Special Economic Zones should only take up un-used lands. The farmers should not be evicted from fertile lands to make way for industry.

    Key Skills and qualities:

    1) Determined, hardworking with an ability to influence and convince people.
    2) Good decision maker.
    3) Honest and principled person who will stand by everything he does.
    4) Intelligent with good grasping power.
    5) Good reasoning ability and logical.
    6) Proud of his identity
    7) Very helpful.
    8) Detailed oriented person
    9) Result oriented person.
    10) If given responsibilities will make sure to fulfill them.
    11) An optimist.
    12) Will not take undue credit.

    Santhosh Min B.
    +91 9986037010


  • 44. young asian trannies  |  28/07/2009 को 14:32

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  • 45. Harish  |  11/06/2010 को 00:07

    Hello Everyone,

    This is a wonderful first step that you guys have taken wherein we can voice our opinion. Is there any way that we can get information of whether or not the requests made in this website are being answered or is anybody following up with all these requests. Please let us know. Thank You.

  • 46. Dr VK Agarwal  |  13/07/2010 को 01:17

    mosquito the most troublesome & dangerous animal is there because if the mosquitio is abolished the concerned department will no longer be needed & they will loose jobs & other unofficial perks.No one of us has ever tried to detect the breeding in the stagnant water in a drain or ditch or pond.No one has asked the concerned department as to where mosquitos are breeding & is it impossible to eliminate site of breeding or eliminate breeding by putting diesl etc . Do you think you can not detect site of breeding, or you can not eliminate site of breeding or cannot eliminat breeding ata site. If so you are highly mistaken

  • 47. verandah ceiling panels  |  08/09/2011 को 22:17

    But a smiling visitant here to share the love (:, btw outstanding pattern.

  • 48. FAG/INA Spherical Roller Bearings  |  30/07/2013 को 08:38

    During warmth processing, the FAG bearing collar and Cylindrical roller bearing human body make certain bearing in a hundred and fifty degrees. while the electric features needed only for the rotation axis. In liquid lubrication conditions, the surface of the sliding bearing is separated by the lubricating oil without direct contact.

  • 49. Vasanthkumar Mysoremath  |  04/03/2015 को 12:41

    The BJP Government, after getting a thumping mandate in 2014 GE appears to have forgotten its poll promise of hastening the process of implementing pending electoral reforms – 13 recommendations made by successive Chief Election Commissioners are pending with the Lok Sabha; they deal with major reforms for transparent and accountable governance of our democratic process. Unfortunately, many hidden agendas are being heralded with the help of party’s string holders and electoral reforms has been kept in the back burner. Public memory could be short but some have long memories Time to demand and ask for implementation of electoral reforms. Let us start the debate.


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